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Inverroche Classic - clear and South African classic

Inverroche Gin Classic – Cape Fynbos Botanicals
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Inverroche Classic Gin

From the aromas of the fynbos, the unique flora of South Africa, comes a gin that was to become a pioneer of the craft gin movement of an entire region. The bouquet of exquisite plants, which exist in their kind and variety nowhere else in the world, unites with fine juniper notes and a fruity citrus note. A composition that reflects the complexity and abundance of South African nature both in its depths and the delicate floral top notes.

From the traditional wild collection of botanicals to the distillation process in a copper still, Inverroche Classic Gin combines the full care and skill of a vibrant community and experienced master distillers in every step of production.



Lead botanical of the INVERROCHE GIN CLASSIC is Limestone Fynbos. The aromatics of fynbos, which thrives on the rugged limestone slopes of South Africa's coastline, combine beautifully with classic gin flavours of juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds and cardamon pods, and a tangy citrus note.


Rough, tart, floral with a base of juniper, a spike of citrus and a multicolored bouquet of exotic florals.


Dominant notes of classic juniper are complemented by warm spices that add breadth and depth to the flavor. The citrus top notes blossom in the mouth into a playful mix with fruity-lovely grapefruit. The extraordinary flavours of the Fynbos complete the overall picture facet-richly floral and let recognize again and again new details.


The Fynbos wild plants grow only in the Cape and their aromas are unique worldwide with a strong flavour. For Inverroche Classic only fynbos growing on limestone rocks are used.

The alcohol base is made from sugar cane and not from wheat or potato as is common in Europe.

Perfect Serve - Cocktail Recipes:

Neat on ice, classic in a gin & tonic with Barker & Quin Indian Tonic or as a cocktail in a Stillbay Spritz. INVERROCHE GIN CLASSIC cuts a fine figure in any form and convinces with unusual aromas that can stand well on their own, but also blend harmoniously into mixed drinks. In this way, it lends an exotic note to even plain drinks.


Enjoy INVERROCHE GIN CLASSIC neat, on ice or garnished with a grapefruit zest for a pure taste experience.


For an exceptional gin & tonic, we recommend a mixing ratio of 4cl INVERROCHE GINCLASSIC with 120ml Barker & Quin Indian Tonic, which perfectly supports the floral notes of the Fynbos botanicals without drowning them out.

Stillbay Spritz

For a sophisticated cocktail, add 1.5cl Vermouth Sweet, 2.5cl fresh pineapple juice, 2cl bitters (Amaro) to 3cl INVERROCHE GIN CLASSIC, mix thoroughly and pour over ice into a cocktail or long drink glass. Pour the drink with ice-cold dash soda water to taste and stir gently.

Product Info:

Supplied INVERROCHE GIN CLASSIC in a classy cardboard box, making it a perfect gift for gin lovers or South Africa fans.

0,7 L, 43 % Vol, Handcrafted in South Africa's first Craft Gin Distillery , in elaborate cardboard box, perfect also as a gift, Base Alcohol: Sugar Cane Brandy, Manufacturer: Inverroche Distillery, Laurenskirk Estate, Stillbay, South Africa.

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