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Inverroche gift set - the taste of South Africa | 3 x 5 cL

Inverroche Gin – Geschenkset mit Cape Fynbos Botanicals
Inverroche Gin – Brandwall
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You want to give something very special? Maybe for a birthday? A souvenir for the next invitation? Or for yourself?

Fynboswhich grows nowhere else in the world, is used in Inverroche gins. Inverroche is the first gin in the world to use this as a special ingredient for itself.

Inverroche Amber. The amberest of the gins. In the production process the coastal fynbos plants are used, as they only grow in the Cape region. The base is a cane spirit, i.e. a spirit made from sugar cane. This combination makes the Amber a kind of border crosser: clearly a New-Western dry gin, but in texture and aroma not far from a rum. It is a lush, complex gin that harmoniously displays the combination of African flora with gin-typical spices. Post-fermented with coastal plants rich in tannins - they give Amber its amber colour. Rooibos - aromas, caramel, red citrus and juniper followed by a tannic finish - this is Inverroche Amber.

Inverroche Verdant. A subtly interpreted gin, entirely in the traditional style of exotic botanicals from the wild flora of South Africa. It combines with its traditional spices from the Far East as well as juniper berries from Europe in a very individual way. A tour through fresh summer blossoms paired with citrus notes and some liquorice - fresh and tangy. Wonderful its shimmering yellow colour, which comes from the sugar cane spirit after distillation - through a brief infusion of wild fynbos flowers. A gin that couldn't be more South African.

Inverroche Classic . Is a handcrafted gin from the distillery that laid the foundations of the craft gin movement in South Africa. In connection with the flora around the Cap, an absolute highlight is created here. The Classic Gin is a composition of 15 plant species distilled in an elaborate one-shot process to extract the pure and subtle flavors. The gin is clean and complex in structure, the traditional and hand-harvested African botanicals blend in smoothly. The Inverroche Classic shows what juniper notes and fresh citrus aromas, angelica root and spice bark give depth and a lingering natural feel. A pleasant warmth is created by coriander seeds and cadamom pods. The subtly fragrant undertone of Cape Fynbos flora enhances the flavours of the classic botanicals and calls for complexity. This is how a gin should be - with a distinct "Southafrican touch".

Product Info:

Supplied in a decorative cardboard box, this gift set makes an excellent impression.

3 x 5 cL, 43 % Vol, handcrafted in South Africa's first Craft Gin Distillery, in elaborate cardboard box, perfect also as a gift, Manufacturer: Inverroche Distillery, Laurenskirk Estate, Stillbay, South Africa.

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