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Inverroche Amber - amber and unsurpassed aromatic

Inverroche Gin Amber – Cape Fynbos Botanicals
Inverroche Gin Amber – Best Serve
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Inverroche Amber Gin

Amber, aromatic, full-bodied. Inverroche Gin Amber convinces with an intense complex bouquet and outstanding quality. For the Craft Gin pioneer selected botanicals from South Africa's fynbos fauna are used, which grow in the coastal region of the Cape. These are unique in taste and form in composition with the sugar cane base an extremely multifaceted gin, which is clearly to be assigned to the New Western Dry Gins, but in texture and aroma reminiscent of a rum.

Due to the post-maceration with tannin-rich plants, Inverroche Gin Amber has a taste similar to a Reserve Gin. These tannins create an earthy base note from which flavours of rooibos, juniper and caramel develop culminating in red citrus before the gin trickles down the palate in a tannic finish. An exceptional gin for gin lovers and friends of special spirits.


INVERROCHE GIN AMBER is a harmonious construct of complex influences from different directions. At first sight it could be mistaken for a reserve gin. It reminds of a rum and yet it is a New Western Dry Gin.

Inverroche Gin Amber owes its tannin-rich finish to the dried fruit of the yellow ice plant, also known as the dune fig in South Africa. They act like oak barrels in the post-maceration, giving the gin an incomparable aroma and aged woody character.

Using special processes that do justice to both the African botanicals and the classic gin spices, a gin is lovingly distilled here that rivals the best gins in the world.

With this gin, Lorna Scott proves once again that she is rightly the icon of South African craft gin. From the picking of the botanicals to the actual distilling process, a lot of loving handwork and skill goes into this gin. This not only benefits the quality of the premium gin, but also sets standards in the sustainability of production and the social responsibility of manufacturing.

The botanicals of the fynbos, a unique flora that is only native to a restricted area in the Cape of South Africa, create a broad bouquet with their aroma. At the same time, the Inverroche community protects this unique habitat by ridding it of invasive plants. Plants that have no place in the fynbos do not go into the gin at Inverroche, but into the fire of the copper still, which is still heated by hand. The result is a Craft Gin that can convince in all aspects.


Leadbotanicals of the Costal Fynbos. Aromatic fynbos from the coast of South Africa meets traditional gin spices. Citrus, juniper berries and sweet toffee apples combine with floral floral notes, the unparalleled flora of the Cape floral Kingdom.


Intensely aromatic with notes reminiscent of rooibos tea, berries and orange. This gin also has a lot of depth in the smell. A delicate floral side nevertheless provides it with the necessary lightness.


The intense tannins lay a broad base for this gin and are strongly reminiscent of a reserve gin or even rum. Both on the tongue and palate they create a warm earthy aroma. Complex floral notes create a second layer that picks up the underlying tone and adds an almost playful facet. Citrus creates bright highlights. With gentle flavours of sweet toffee apples and caramel from the sugar cane spirit, the gin also has its sweet side, which however remains nobly in the background. In the finish, the tannins of Inverroche Gin Amber develop to their full breadth and turn into an aftertaste of rooibos tea can be perceived.


Powerful aroma and intense colour from infusion and post-maceration, hand-picked fynbos botanicals found only in a narrow stretch of South Africa's coastline. Sustainably hand harvested and processed by a community project, sugar cane spirit as a base with gentle caramel notes.

Perfect Serve - Cocktail Recipes:


Try Inverroche Gin Amber on its own for the unadulterated taste. Rub the essential oils of an orange zest inside the glass to enhance individual flavor facets. Pure [ 3cl Inverroche Amber Gin / Orange Zest ]


For a Gin & Tonic we recommend the combination with Barker & Quin Honeybush Orange Tonic. For this, 4 cl of gin are poured over ice and infused with 120 ml of tonic water.

The floral, tart tea note and fruitiness of the tonic water bring out some aspects of the Inverroche Gin Amber particularly well. G&T [ 4cl Inverroche Amber Gin / Barker&Quin Indian Tonic ]


This martini is shaken, not stirred. With Inverroche Gin Amber the drink gets not only a taste breadth, but also an elegant color. To make it, add 4.5 cl gin, 1.5 cl Vermout White, 1.5 cl Vermouth Red, and 3 cl fresh orange juice together in a shaker with ice. The ice is strained off after shaking and remains in the mixing vessel so that the full flavour of the cocktail is not diluted. Orange Martini [ 4.5cl gin / 1.5cl Vermouth White / 1.5cl Vermouth Red / 3cl fresh orange juice, shake, strain ]

Product Info:

Supplied in a decorative cardboard box, Inverroche Gin Amber also makes an excellent first impression as a gift.

0,7 L, 43 % Vol, Handcrafted in South Africa's first craft gin distillery, in elaborate cardboard box, perfect also as a gift, Base alcohol: sugar cane brandy, Manufacturer: Inverroche Distillery, Laurenskirk Estate, Stillbay, South Africa.

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